The Roadmap describes the near future of Thuban and an outline of the time beyond. The roadmap may accelerate in case of contributions or through contracted development. The outlined roadmap may delay as well and should not be seen as a guarantee for release dates.
For the past releases, see the ChangeLog.
If you are happy with Thuban and want to accelerate or support the given roadmap, please feel free to buy Thuban maintenance.

Release 1.0.2

The 1.0 series will contain fixes and improvements that are compatible with 1.0.x.

Features already in CVS (detailed ChangeLog, there click (view) for the newest version):

  • Bug-Fixes from Thuban RequestTracker
    • #2901 Duplicate Layer doesn't copy classification field (column)
  • Bug-Fixes from Debian BugTracker
    • #298403 FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): cast from 'MFILEReceiver*' to 'int' loses precision
    • #313843 German PO file corrections

Development Release 1.1.1

Odd second numbers indicate development releases. The 1.1.1 release will be the second development version towards the next stable release to try out the new upcoming features. The API will differ from the stable 1.0 series and the .thuban syntax will change.

Features already in CVS (detailed ChangeLog) and not in 1.1.0:

  • Bug-Fixes from Thuban RequestTracker
    • #3149 variable points implementation not finished yet
  • Bug-Fixes from Debian BugTracker
    • #313843 German PO file corrections
  • New, experimental extension export_shapefile: Exports a layer as a Shapefile

Release 1.2.0

The next major stable release will contain various new features. Depending on actual needs others will follow until a schedule is made for the final release.
  • Sizeable point object symbols
  • Improved raster support
  • Improved PostGIS support
  • OGR support

Feature Proposals

This is a list of proposed features of Thuban. Depending on actual needs, they will be implemented and part of the next Thuban release.
  • Performance improvements for PosGIS access [ A initial patch has been provided by Jens Mattke ]
  • HSV Color ramps [ A initial patch has been provided by Daniel Calvelo Aros ]
  • Distribution discontinuity classifier [ A initial patch has been provided by Daniel Calvelo Aros ]
  • Translation of Users Manual into german [ In CVS HEAD there is already some initial work by Jan-Oliver Wagner ]
  • SQL-Query-Statements for Tables
  • OGR-support (initial work by Nina Hüffmeyer is in CVS HEAD)
  • Support of annotation layers
  • Extended support of WMS layers [ In CVS HEAD there is already some initial work by Martin "Joey" Schulze ]
  • SFSQL-Support for Oracle, DB2, MySQL
  • Configuration Dialog (Preferences)
  • Multi-Object selection on map
  • Proportionate Circle Symbols [ commercial offer available by Intevation, also initial support already in CVS HEAD implemented by Jan-Oliver Wagner ]
  • Classification based on two columns with combination of symbol appearance. Eg.: point size=current population size of a city and point color=population growth rate between 1990 and now.
  • Movable Labels
  • Simple Symbols for Points [ commercial offer available by Intevation ]
  • Line Patterns
  • Fill Patterns
  • Table-Management: support for editing
  • Editable shapes [ In CVS HEAD there is already a experimental polygon-digitizing by Bernhard Herzog ]
  • Improved Printing (cartography)
  • Completion of Import of ArcView .apr files
  • Export to ArcView .apr files
  • Save layer in different formats via OGR (optional: store re-projected coords)
  • Full transparency support
  • Antialiasing
  • Direct access of GRASS 5.7 vector data
  • Various additional classification methods
  • Basic analysis capabilities such as buffering, union and intersection
  • I18N support for extensions: extensions should maintain their own po management; first a sample is to be implemented.
  • Automatic interval-based update of the map view (grasping changes from the underlying data sources)


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