Chapter 3. Map Management

The map consists of a number of layers where each layer represents a different type of data set. By interacting with the map the user can visually explore the data.

The map can have a name that will appear in the Thuban title bar. The map name can be changed using Map->Rename.

3.1. Adding and Removing Layers

There are three types of layers that can be added to a map: Shape layers, database layers and image layers. Shape layers are stored in Shapefile format, a widely used file format for storing geographic objects. These files have the extension ``.shp''. Associated with the shape file is a database file which stores attributes for each shape in the Shape file. This file, in dBase format, has the extension ``.dbf''. Both files must have the same base name. For example, if there is a shape file named roads.shp there must also be a file roads.dbf.